10 Things You Shouldn’t Wear on an Airplane

Airplane Passengers

To make air travel as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, avoid wearing these things on an airplane.

10. Tight Clothing

Tight Pants
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As far as your health is concerned, you’ll want to avoid wearing tight clothing, including socks that are too tight or leave marks on your skin, when flying. One reason is because our bodies naturally swell when we fly. And, if you’re wearing restrictive clothing, your blood won’t circulate properly. Which brings me to point number two: Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) — a serious medical condition that causes life-threatening blood clots — often occurs while flying. And, wearing restrictive clothing can increase your risk of developing DVT. Therefore, make sure you wear clothing with elastic. You might also want to consider wearing compression stockings to reduce your likelihood of developing DVT.

9. Uncomfortable Shoes

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It stands to reason that if it’s not a good idea to wear tight clothing on an airplane, it’s also not a good idea to wear shoes that are uncomfortable. Ladies, that means leave the pumps and stilettos at home — or at least inside your luggage until you get to where you’re going.

But, here’s something else you need to keep in mind: “High heels can slow you down and even puncture the slide in case of an evacuation,” Taylor Garland, strategic public relations coordinator for the Association of Flight Attendants, told Reader’s Digest.

8. Complicated Shoes

Flip Flops
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As we just mentioned, high heels can slow you down when you and/or other passengers are in a rush. The same thing goes for clunky boots… and slides, and flip flops, and open-toed sandals. Not only will these types of shoes slow you down, they can trip you up when you’re trying to exit the plane. And, if the plane happens to crash, these types of shoes can get caught on wreckage or debris.

Here’s another thing to keep in mind: Shoes with lots of straps and laces take longer to remove in the security line, which means you’re not only slowing down the process for yourself but for others in line behind you.

TIP: Wear sneakers or slip-on loafers instead.