10 Things You Think Are Cheaper at Walmart But Really Aren’t


Known for years for its “Always Low Prices” slogan, as well as its price matching policy, you can snag some pretty good deals on things at Walmart. But, not everything sold in the store is low-priced. Here are 10 things you think are cheaper at Walmart but really aren’t.

10. Tech Accessories

Tech Accessories
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According to an article published by Yahoo News, David Dritsas of Brad’s Deals says that tech accessories are rarely ever cheaper at big box stores like Walmart than they are at online retailers like Amazon. Other great places to shop for tech accessories include New Egg, Marshalls, and TJ Maxx.

Ironically, Walmart has some pretty good deals on cell phones–the iPhone in particular. Walmart often offers more competitive deals than Apple when it comes to iPhones, especially prepaid iPhones. Plus, Walmart offers bundles with gift cards. A qualifying Apple iPhone device, for example, came with a $300 Walmart gift card on Black Friday 2017.

9. Batteries

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The verdict is in. If you want the best deal on batteries, head to Costco. They “have the best rate on the largest pack of batteries,” Kerry Sherin, a savings expert with Offers.com, told GOBankingRates. That’s especially helpful around the holidays when you most likely will need to load up on batteries for the kids’ Christmas gifts. But, it doesn’t have to be Energizer or Duracell. Even Costco’s store brand, Kirkland, has some good deals on batteries. In fact, Consumer Reports said that Kirkland brand AA batteries are the best deal and the only brand to earn the “Best Buy” check mark.

8. Furniture

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Although you won’t have to pay as much for furniture at Walmart as you would at other stores, it’s not worth buying–especially if it’s wood furniture. “Because it’s a lesser quality than other furniture retailers,… wooden furniture from Walmart is more likely to break or deteriorate quicker,” Carson Yarbrough, a savings expert at Offers.com, told GOBankingRates. Instead, consider going to other retailers (e.g. furniture stores, thrift shops, antique dealers, etc.) to purchase better-quality pieces that won’t need to be replaced in a few months.

TIP: Don’t discount cheap furniture from Walmart altogether. It can be a feasible option for college students.

7. Women’s Toiletries

Womens Toiletries
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Well, not all women’s toiletries, but you should avoid buying some of them. That’s because women’s toiletries are often priced high at Walmart. This is likely the result of the Pink Tax. Pink Tax products are products that are marketed to females–but at a much higher price than products marketed to males. For example, women often pay more than men for shampoo, razors, shaving cream and other products specifically targeting females. And, what’s more is that these products are often nearly identical, yet cost more. Research conducted by Forbes showed that at some retail locations, women’s Alberto VO5 2-in-1 shampoo costs 35 percent than men’s Alberto VO5 3-in-1 shampoo.

6. Gift Cards

Gift Cards
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According to the experts, you’re better off getting your gift cards at places like Costco or Sam’s Club, or online at websites like Cash Card and Raise, which all sell gift cards under face value. Or, use an online aggregator to browse several gift card websites at once and compare prices.

And, if you were thinking about buying a gift card to give to someone else, forget about it. According to Consumer Reports, nearly one-third of consumers never even use the gift cards they receive.

5. Shoes

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Now, this is one item that’ll definitely cost LESS upfront, but will end up costing you more in the long run. Yes, Walmart shoes are cheap, but that’s because “they’re cheaply made”, Kendal Perez, savings expert at coupon website CouponSherpa, told GOBankingRates. “Consumers can find better-quality brands for similar prices at T.J.Maxx and Marshalls,” Perez said. And, better quality means they won’t wear down quickly so you won’t have to replace them as often.

But, if you must shop at Walmart, check out their accessories instead, Perez added. “Scarves, sunglasses, and gloves are good buys.”

4. High-End Electronics

Apple Electronics
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Before you spend all your hard-earned money on high-end electronics at Walmart, it may be best to look elsewhere for a lower price, and, in some cases, a better deal. “Walmart’s HDTVs are at ‘low’ prices because they are the lower-quality versions than those sold elsewhere,” Lori McDaniel, senior content manager for Offers.com, told GOBakingRates. Instead, shop for better-quality, lower-priced TVs at warehouse stores, she added.

TIP: Mid-range electronics are a good buy at Walmart. It really just depends on the timing. Black Friday is the best time to find good deals there, Perez told GOBankingRates.

3. Name-Brand Diapers

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For name-brand diapers, skip Walmart and head to Amazon.com instead, who has some excellent deals. Amazon Family (formerly Amazon Mom), for example, offers members up to 20 percent off diapers and other baby products. Plus, Amazon’s “Subscribe and Save” option lets you easily restock as often as needed and get diapers delivered right to your door (with free shipping) before your supply even runs out. NOTE: You must be an Amazon Prime member to sign up for Amazon Family.

2. Certain Groceries

Grocery Store
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When it comes to certain grocery items, Walmart receives two thumbs down. One thing customers consistently complain about is the quality of Walmart’s meat and fish. Another issue is it’s “fresh” (notice the quotation marks) produce. The quality and cost aren’t all that great, Perez told GOBankingRates. “I often find better prices on produce from my local Sprouts Farmers Market,” she said. And, when it comes to organic produce, Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s often have better deals.

Here are some other grocery items you should skip at Walmart:
-Name-brand baking goods (e.g. flour, sugar, salt, pepper, baking soda, etc.)
-Name-brand snacks
-Generic maple syrup. You can get better-quality, lower-priced syrup from Trader Joe’s.
-Organic milk. According to Yahoo News, the Washington Post said the milk might not actually be organic.

1. Vacuums

Vacuum Cleaner
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So, you think that $50 Bissell vacuum you found at Walmart is a good deal, right? Think again. According to Yahoo News, the cost of vacuums sold at Walmart are “unreasonably marked up.” Plus, they typically don’t have a large selection to choose from. Your best bet? Head to Lowes, Best Buy, or Home Depot. Those are the retailers that’ll have great deals on major appliances, plus they have an expansive selection, Yahoo News said.

TIP: Purchase tabletop kitchen appliances from Walmart instead.


What items do you purchase at Walmart because you think they’re cheaper? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks!