10 Unusual Things People Have Found in the Woods

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The woods can be often be a dumping ground or hiding place for many things. Here are ten unusual things people have found in the woods.

10. Aerosmith’s Original Tour Van

Source: Pexels

A man identified only as “Phil” found American rock band Aerosmith’s original tour van in the woods in Chesterfield, MA, a town of about 1,200 residents, located 100 miles west of Boston. According to Phil, the rusty 1964 International Harvester Metro was on his property when he purchased it. The land was purchased from someone connected to the band.

Aerosmith founding member Ray Tabano confirmed that it was indeed the van they used in the 1970s, Billboard.com reported.

Phil sold the van to History Channel show American Pickers for $25,000. “We just got a piece of American rock and roll history,” co-star of the show Mike Wolfe said in a Fox News article. “If you had the opportunity to buy one of the biggest and most iconic pieces of rock and roll history for $25,000 — hell yes you would.”

9. Barack Obama’s Golf Ball

Golf Ball
Source: Pexels

Back in July 2014, Dallas resident Pace Doherty found former U.S. President Barack Obama’s golf ball in the woods at the Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, MD. Doherty posted a photo of the ball on Instagram along with the caption “Obama played at Congressional yesterday, and I just found this in the woods off one. Looks like he’s off line again.”

The ball was from Titleist’s signature Pro V1 line. Written on one side of the ball was the word “POTUS.” The number “44” was written on the other side.

FUN FACT: According to Time magazine, Obama’s personalized golf balls cost about $10 more than a non-customized set. At the time, a non-customized set went for $47.95 on Amazon.com.

8. A Naked Naval Officer

Source: Pexels

Earlier this year, the entire command leadership of Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 4 (NMCB-4) was fired after the unit’s executive officer was found drunk and naked in the woods on Camp Shields. Actually, he wasn’t completely naked. According to the Navy Times, Navy officials said that Lt. Cmdr. Jason M. Gabbard was found in the woods wearing only his boots.

The commanding officer, Cmdr. James J. Cho, and Command Master Chief Jason K. Holden, were also fired for trying to cover up the incident, a source told the Navy Times.

All three officers have been temporarily assigned to Naval Construction Group One in Port Hueneme, CA, and Capt. Nick Yamodis will serve as NMCB-4’s temporary commanding officer until a permanent replacement is found, Cmdr. Cate Cook, spokeswoman for Navy Expeditionary Combat Command, told the Navy Times.

“Trust is the foundation for everything we do as military professionals, and we expect our service members to conduct themselves with the integrity and character to justify that trust,” Cook told the Navy Times.

7. Undelivered Mail

Source: Pexels

About 4,500 pieces of mail were found in a wooded area in Decatur, GA (just outside of Atlanta) back in 2016. Former U.S. postal worker Thomas O. Beaurem, of McDonough, GA, was charged with delaying and destroying mail. He was indicted by a federal grand jury on the charge, but pleaded not guilty. According to investigators, some of the dumped mail had cancellation dates as early as October 5. The U.S. Postal Service was informed about the undelivered mail on October 18. Some of the mail was finally delivered to the proper recipients; other pieces were too damaged for delivery.

6. A Hermit Man

Source: Pexels

Back in 2007, German authorities arrested an American man they found in the woods of the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. “Forest man,” as the media nicknamed him, was thought to have been living for years in a hidden camp on the roof of an abandoned house. Despite living in the woods, he was found clean-shaven, dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt, and up on current events. “Actually, he seems like a pretty orderly person,” one officer told German Press Agency dpa.

The 42-year-old man, who had been reported missing some time ago by his father in the U.S., also had 150-grams of marijuana, hand tools, and an old boating license. He was arrested and identified, but his name hadn’t been released at the time the story was published.

5. A Stone Block from an Ancient Temple

Stone Wall
Source: Pexels

In 2015, the World Monuments Fund (WMF) reported that an original wall block from an ancient temple was found in the woods in Angkor, Cambodia. The temple, known as Phnom Bakheng, was constructed between the late ninth and early tenth centuries by Yasovarman I and served as the state temple of the first Khmer capital in the Angkor region. According to WMF, the temple was abandoned only a few decades after it was built.

A team of WMF archaeologists working to restore the temple identified the exact location of the original wall stone unit in the wooded hillside. According to WMF, this is huge because “only in a few cases can we tell 100% the original location of a stone block.”

4. A World War I Medal

War Medals
Source: Pixabay

A resident of Wanaque Borough, NJ found a commemorative World War I medal in the woods on the side of Conklintown Road, North Jersey Media Group reported back in April.

An inscription on the medal reads: “Presented to Dan Battaglia by the people of Wanaque Borough, N.J. in grateful recognition of patriotic service in the World War.” Visible dates on the medal are 1917 and 1918, the last two years of World War I.

Wanaque police are on a mission to find the medal’s rightful owner. Capt. Kenneth Fackina posted a photo of the medal on the police department’s Facebook page along with this message: “Want to help us out?… One of our residents found this WWI medal with a metal detector and turned it in to us… It is a World War medal presented from the people of the Borough of Wanaque to Dan Battaglia… We are hoping to find a family member to return this medal to.”

3. A Portion of the Berlin Wall

Source: Pexels

Back in 1999, local historian Christian Bormann stumbled upon 262 feet of the Berlin Wall in the suburb of Schönholz. After nearly 20 years, Bormann finally went public with his discovery. “In my opinion, this is a structure of outstanding cultural importance and therefore of particular historical value,” he wrote on his blog. “I hope that the responsible authorities share my enthusiasm and act promptly,” he wrote in reference to storm damage and vandalism at the site.

So, how is it that 262 feet of wall went unnoticed? According to travel guidebook Atlas Obscura, its location had something to do with it. “There’s no particular reason why anyone would go exploring there,” the guidebook wrote on its website.

For those of you who may not know, the Berlin Wall was a concrete barrier in Germany that divided communist East Berlin from democratic West Berlin. It was first erected on the night of August 12–13, 1961, and remained until demolition began in 1989.

2. A Brass Eagle

Source: Pexels

Reddit contributor bob-lob_law came across a brass eagle in the woods while hiking the Appalachian Trail: “My gf and I were hiking the AT (not through hiking – just seeing how much we had time to do on and off for 3 months), and we’re alone and haven’t seen anyone for a while. I’m ahead when I come across this very large brass eagle on a stump. Middle of nowhere; was heavy.”

1. A Cage

Source: Pixabay

Reddit contributor SnackBeer recounts finding a cage in the woods: “Not like a trapping cage or anything but something that could easily hold 5-10 average sized people… It was all set up just on the far side of the ridge line I was walking, so it couldn’t be seen I suppose. Nothing around it, no footprints or tire tracks or anything. The rope looked undamaged as well. No idea what it was for but it definitely creeped me the f**k out.”


Have you ever found anything unusual in the woods? Let us know. We’d love to hear about it!