10 Useful Tips for Maintaining a Clean Car

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There are many reasons why you should keep your car clean. For example, a well-kept car will improve the vehicle’s resale value, prevent corrosion, protect the interior and eliminate allergens from the ventilation system.

In addition, it provides psychological benefits, relaxes the mind, relieves stress and assists you to feel happy.

Continue reading to learn 10 tips you can use every day to maintain a clean car.

10. Use a Trash Can

Trash cans are found in the streets, at home, at schools and hospitals. However, a car is not exempt from having a trash can. Having a place to put the trash inside your vehicle will control the amount of rubbish scattered all over.

This trash can takes the form of a plastic bag or a travel trash container. Remember to practice emptying the trash daily to avoid any unpleasant scent or spillage in the vehicle.

9. Purchase Cup Holder Liners  

It is hard to avoid drips and spills from beverages you drink in your car, leaving the area sticky.

To avoid this, we recommend purchasing a liner for your cup holder or get a silicone cup holder liner to stop the liquid from messing up your car.

Having this will make the car easier to clean, and the sticky area will not attract any insects.

8. Air Freshener 

Every car owner should have an air freshener in their car. The air freshener will help to eliminate any awful scents and keep the car smelling clean and fresh.

Plus, having a good-smelling car will impress people, and they will desire to drive with you. You don’t always have to purchase the air freshener that dangles from your rearview mirror if you don’t like the way it looks.

In fact, the ones attached to the vent work even better. The air comes out smelling good! Once you find a scent you enjoy, every time you step into your car, it will be a pleasant experience.

7. Wet Wipes

Keeping wet wipes inside your car is a must for maintaining cleanliness. These will become handy once there is a spill in the car or any area that needs cleansing.

Stick a pack of wet wipes, or Clorox wipes in your car’s middle console to have easily access them when needed.

ALL TIME TIP: It’s also smart to keep a microfiber cloth in there to remove any dust build-up!

6. Knock Off Shoes Clean

It is inevitable for your shoes to attract dirt, mud and snow. However, it causes a huge mess if they are not knocked off properly. During rainy days, most people’s shoes attract mud and create a huge mess in the car.

To avoid this, you should encourage your passengers to knock off their shoes before entering the vehicle. In addition, you can place coverings on the floor that will protect your car mat. It will help you to do less work and keep your car clean!

5. Take Some Things Out When Leaving Car

Most car owners leave a thing or two in their car after each ride resulting in a back seat build-up of clutter. Once you reach home, you should unload the car and get rid of any unnecessary stuff.

It would help if you also looked under your seat for additional items that find hiding spots in your vehicle. This action will make you and your car feel spacious and organized.

4. Purchase Organizers

Placing an organizer in your car will be your helping hand when it comes to organization. Place a hanging organizer on the back of the front seat and use it as storage for any items you would like to store in your car.

If you have young children, you can keep some entertaining toys or books in it to keep them entertained. It will even prevent them from damaging the back of the seat!

3. Keep Coins Organized

It is nearly impossible not to leave coins lying around in your car. They usually find their way to a cupholder or compartment and get comfortable.

If you do not have a coin organizer in your car, you can use a sealable container to store them. It will prevent them from rolling around the car and make it easy to find when needed.

2. Clean Up Messes as They Happen

Once a spill or mess of any sorry happens, you should clean it right away. If you don’t, the substance will soak in and could create permanent damage.

However, to clean it up right away, you must have the correct supplies on hand, such as the previously mentioned Clorox wipes. You could even keep an emergency cleaning supply kit in your trunk.

1. Keep Food Contained

One of the easiest ways to keep your car clean is to not eat inside your vehicle. However, if you must eat, bring a container to catch the crumbs.

Ensure that the container has a seal to avoid any unnecessary spillage. You can also layout a towel or cloth on your lap to catch crumbs. Doing this is a necessity to maintaining a clean and fresh car.

Join the clean car club!

You can drive as many different types of vehicles as you wish, but the state of the vehicle will reflect who you are.

People will judge the type of person you are, based on the cleanliness of your vehicle. In addition, you will feel better and more productive with a clean car.

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