10 Ways To Pay Less and Save More at Costco

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Who doesn’t enjoy saving money and getting the best bang for your buck? Shopping at Costco is a positive money-saving move on its own, but there are ways to save even more.

If you know the ins and outs of the retail giant, you can save hundreds of dollars for products that will sustain you for a long time and give satisfaction in use.

Here are some easy steps to take that will keep money in your pocket while enjoying the best Costco has to offer.

10. Split the Bulk With Friends

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Single people living alone in small spaces will see no sense in buying and storing a 30-piece package of toilet tissue. Who would? What they can do, however, is link up with friends and pool together to buy in bulk.

You can split your essential items two, three, or four ways and still have a substantial amount of products to serve you as long as you need it to serve you and at a highly reduced cost.

9. Shop at Summer Closeouts

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Many retailers mark down large items in the summer months. Costco marks down items you can use throughout the summer, such as portable pools and pool toys, along with patio furniture.

As they work to free up space for the next season’s merchandise, you might be able to get super deals on beach chairs, barbecues, and camping equipment. There are great deals, however, all year round, including the after-Christmas rush.

8. Yes! Make That Shopping List!

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Making a shopping list is not a top secret. The thing is, many people rush into the store and think, well, it’s only my regular items, I won’t forget. Of course, you won’t forget. However, what will happen is that you will see a million other things that you’ll convince yourself that you need.

You are likely to overspend and realize when you reach home, you don’t really need some things, after all. The idea here is to save as much as you can, so put on some blinders, and have your list ready, and stick to it!

7. Use the Costco App

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The Costco app highlights for you the various deals available at any given time. You have information to help you plan your shopping at your location–you’ll be heading straight for the best deals.

For those who hate clipping coupons, the app is your best option. You only need to show them the app on your phone to get those offers with big savings.

6. Get the Costco Credit Card

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Getting a Costco credit card is a good saving plan. The Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi is the one to get. Using your card to shop at Costco or Costco.com will give you a 2% return on all purchases.

You’ll also get perks for using the card for other purchases at other places, like at the pumps. You receive a 4% cashback when you shop at the Costco pump or other eligible gas stations.

5. Look Out for Price Changes


When you shop online at Costco, you should use up the 30-day protection policy. After making a purchase, Costco can reduce the price and make you regret that you missed out on a deal.

The protection policy allows you to call them and report the price reduction. If that happens, call customer service and outline your grouse, and they’ll give you credit within five days.

4. Be Unit Smart 

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The retail giant is a deal-dealer, but not all deals are equal. You have probably been told to shop by units, but sometimes it doesn’t end up being cheaper.

Be sure to check the price per unit to make sure you are getting value (quantity and quality) for money and that you are actually saving some money. There are times when some products are cheaper when purchased in regular quantities at your supermarkets.

3. Skip the Costco Membership

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If you don’t shop at Costco often enough to spend $60 for a Gold Star membership to pay for itself, get a family member to buy you a Costco Cash Card. They come in denominations of $25 up to $1000.

And don’t worry, if you want to make a return visit, the member can reload it for you. And as a non-member, you are not required to pay a fee on your cash card. However, you’ll incur a 5% surcharge for online purchases.

2. Hungry Shopping


Shopping hungry at Costco will tempt you to go wild on their delicious offerings and spend the money you want to save. So you will end up getting full on the samples!

Don’t let your hunger influence your purchasing decision, and buy every sample you try. It’s best if your brain does the shopping and not your stomach.

1. Costco Online Shopping

online shopping

Say goodbye to the crowds and shopping hassle, and hello savings on gas, time and energy. Relax in your home and browse the Costco website. You’ll receive deals that are not even in the store, and you’ll get your orders delivered to your door! How cool is that!

If you’re buying retail or wholesale, Costco’s deals are designed to save you money. But looking below the surface of what you see, you can save even more by organizing your shopping activity and discover how Costco operates.

Costco has many ways of saving you money, but you won’t benefit if you don’t know them. So, have your own strategy to get the most for your money and the optimum use of your purchases.

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