10 Wedding Trends You Should Expect To See In 2018

Bride and Groom

Wedding season is upon us and love is in the air. Each year there are very distinctive trends and themes that run through almost every wedding. Wedding season 2017 saw an increase in boho chic and whimsical themes with flower crowns galore. But what do lovebirds have in store this year? Let’s dive in and see what the 2018 wedding season will look like.

10. Small Bouquets

Bride Groom

Have you ever been to a wedding and seen the bride pass off her giant bouquet to her struggling maid of honor? Big beautiful bouquets are slowly fading into the background while daintier bouquets crafted with higher priced flowers are taking their place in the spotlight. By carrying a smaller bouquet, the bride and her dress will hold the limelight instead of being upstaged by a massive collection of blooms.

9. Welcome Dinners

Wedding table

More and more, couples are hosting dinners or cocktail parties for all of their guests the night before the wedding rather than the traditional rehearsal dinner which only includes bridal party and immediate family. This turns a wedding weekend into a multiple day event and guests really enjoy getting to spend time with the couple before their big day.

8. Blue hues

Blue Bridesmaids
Image Credit: flickr

Wedding colors change yearly and with the season. This past year saw lots of rose gold and blush color palettes. This year, wedding experts are predicting that wedding guests will see more shades of blue used within bridal color schemes.

7. Neon Signs

Neon sign
Image credit: decoist

Do you think wedding decor when you see a neon sign? Not usually, right? However, with the ability to order chic and customized neon signs, couples are opting to show off their personalities with these once outdated lights.

6. Modern Wedding Rentals

Modern furniture

Over the past several years, weddings have been chock full of vintage rentals incorporated into the reception space. Couples are starting to lean toward a more modern and sleek look rather than the vintage charm of years passed.

5. Unique Bands

Bluegrass band

The music at a wedding reception is important to the flow and fun of the night (or day). While DJs have been the standard for most weddings of the past decade, there are many couples who are looking for something more unique to their style. Bands that can play popular music with a unique twist are huge crowd pleasers and, in general, are just something a little different for party-goers to groove to. Love hanging out at a local Irish pub? Find a great Irish band to come and play your reception. Guests will get a kick out of it!

4. Greenery


Couples are opting to use more greenery, including succulents, on their special day as opposed to traditional flowers. This is not only a beautiful choice, but it can also save some money on your flowers which you can then put toward another expense on your big day.

3. Darker Color Palettes

Bridal party dresses

Bridal party palettes tend to be comprised of light pastels and soft colors. However, a big trend in 2018 will be darker, richer hues across the board. It adds depth and drama to your overall aesthetic and the colors will pop.

2. Parades and Second Lines

Second line
Image credit: bestofneworleans

The tradition of second lines has been popular in the South, especially New Orleans, for quite some time, however more and more couples are starting to adopt this trend and it will start to gain popularity immensely this season. If your ceremony location and reception venue are close enough, consider a second line or parade to get guests from one place to the other. Hire some great musicians to give you a musical soundtrack and dance your way to the reception with all your friends and family.

1. More Involved Grooms


Guys are really starting to step it up in the wedding planning department. Regardless of whether the couple is same sex or opposite sex, grooms are jumping in and helping with even the smallest details for the wedding. It’s their day too, so why shouldn’t they?

Are you ready for wedding season? With these new trends to look out for, you’ll probably be even more excited to see how the special couple decides to organize their big day. And, if you’re the one planning a wedding, think about incorporating some of these awesome ideas on your special day. Weddings are beautiful no matter how big or small, as long as everyone has fun, you can’t go wrong.