10 Weirdest Eating Competitions in the USA


Eating competitions are popular all over the world. There are even professional competitive eaters who participate in many of these competitions throughout the year. When you think about eating contests, the foods are usually pies and hot dogs, but there are actually many different foods used nowadays. Keep reading below for some of the wackiest eating competitions across the country.

10. Tomatoes

Each year, Jacksonville, Texas hosts The Tomato Festival. Every year eaters try to see who can eat the most tomatoes in three minutes. The tomato eating contest follows another very odd competition in which contestants participate in a tomato peeling competition. The catch? They can only use their teeth. The current winner of the eating competition has a 2 year winning streak.

9. Pudding

Winter Park, Colorado plays host to the Winter Park Chocolate Festival each year. During this festival, attendees can participate in a pudding eating contest. The winner receives a prize of more free chocolate!

8. Cheese Curds

If you love cheese, head over to the Cheese Curd Festival in Wisconsin. Take the kids because they’re the only ones allowed to participate in the cheese curd eating contest. Participants must be between the ages of 7 and 18 and they’ll compete for cash and prizes. Festival organizers have upped the ante this year and there will also be a cheese curd relay race.

7. Jalapeños

Some like it hot. The 4th of July celebrations in Round Rock, Texas allow you to take part in a jalapeño eating contest. The current record for jalapeno eating is 247 peppers in 8 minutes set in 2006.

6. Pierogis

If you think you can eat more of these delicious Polish dumplings, you can show off your skills at the American Polish Festival in Michigan. The current world record is 165 pierogis in just 8 minutes.

5. Steak

Steak lovers rejoice and head to Arkansas where contestants participate in a steak eating contest each year. The stakes? The titles of King and Queen of the Ribeye are on the line.

4. Garlic

This must be one of the stinkiest eating competitions by far. Garlic aficionados can prove how much they love garlic by participating in this competition in Albuquerque, NM. This contest is appropriately named “The You Stink Garlic Eating Contest”. Maybe don’t bring a date for this one.

3. Strawberry Shortcake

Festival-goers in Bellevue, Washington compete each year by scarfing this delicious dessert as fast as they can. How many could you eat in one sitting?

2. Mashed Potatoes

Young and old spud-lovers alike can take part in the mashed potato eating contest at the Irish-American Heritage Festival in Chicago every year. At this festival you can also find competitions for the most freckles, best Celtic singers, and best soda bread if you’re not into speed eating.

1. Cannoli

Milwaukee hosts an annual Italian Festival and attendees can participate in the delicious cannoli eating contest. The current world record is 34 cannoli in 6 minutes. That is a lot of cannoli!

Which of these contests would you like to enter? Which do you think you could win? Either way eating competitions clearly aren’t just for hot dogs anymore. Whether you want to go sweet, savory, or spicy, there is something for everyone!