11 Cheap and Easy Ways To Make Your Car Smell Good

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4. Open the Windows

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The quickest way to get some relief from a stinky car is to crack open a window or two. Just don’t forget to close them or you could have another stinky problem on your hands — mildew.

“Mildew is another source of unwelcome odors. All you need is one rainstorm and an overlooked partially opened window (or even just a small leak with a buildup of condensation), to experience this,” Nationwide wrote on its blog.

Fortunately, getting rid of mildew smells is as easy as using a wet/dry vacuum to remove any water from carpets and upholstery and setting out a jar containing an odor absorber like baking soda or vinegar.

3. Get Rid of Any Mold Growth


There could be mold hiding in your car’s air conditioning system. According to Nationwide, one way to tell is by that mildew smell coming from the AC system.

If this is the case, you will need to open the front cover, remove the filter, and use a nylon scrub pad to remove any mold growth.

After you’ve gotten rid of the mold, use a cotton swab to dry it. Once everything has been put back in place, turn on the heater to finish the drying process. Lastly, apply an anti-mildew solution.