11 Essential Summer Items To Buy From Costco

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During summer, everyone is making plans to have fun in the sun. Whether going to the beach, visiting exotic locations, having countless picnics or hosting a barbecue, the fun activities that come with summer require the right supplies.

Continue reading to find out the summer essentials you need to buy next time you’re at Costco!

11. Camping equipment

camping equipment

Luckily Costco has pretty much everything that you need for your summer camping excursions. Costco is full of camping equipment such as giant tents, flashlights, etc., that camping requires.

The prices are often affordable, and equipment is easy to set up. So pick up a quality tent to protect you from sunlight and rain, along with other necessary camping tools.

10. Pool Floats

pool floats

There cannot be summer without hanging out by the pool. Therefore, you need pool floats for the different pool parties you will attend. Costco has different shapes and sizes of pool floats just for anyone.

Plus, you can purchase more than one because the prices are affordable. Just choose the shapes you like, whether for kids or adults, and then you are ready to hit the pool.

9. Goggles


If you have plans to go to the beach or pool, goggles are a must for kids. Although if you are a swimmer, you’ll want to pick yourself up a pair as well.

Goggles are an essential part of swimwear to avoid water in the eyes. Luckily, there is a variety readily available at Costco and for a reasonable price.

They have different curve lenses for maximum visibility and are adjusted easily. It will give you or your kids a clear view of what is in the ocean and pool.

8. Sunscreen


Everyone knows how important sunscreen is to protect our skin against the harsh UV rays from the summer heat. However, no matter the time of year, you should always apply sunscreen to your face.

Once again, Costco is here to help. You can get good-quality sunscreen there from all sorts of brands. The best brand to obtain is the dermatologist-backed ND Solar Sciences. It allows you to get a tan still while protecting your skin.

7. Grill

grill, summer, equipment

Summertime means grill time. During the summer, you can invite over family and friends for a barbecue in the backyard. There’s no better way to bring people together than delicious food.

If you don’t have a big enough grill, you can head over to Costco for some big affordable summer party grills, like the huge eight-turner ones. You could also opt for a compact charcoal type or island setup. Again, there are plenty of options!

6. Groceries for Barbecues and Picnics

groceries, barbecue

After you pick up your new grill, you’ll need other items for the barbecue this summer, and you can get them right there at Costco. Since everything at the warehouse giant comes in bulk, it is perfect for supplying food for large gatherings.

Costco has discount prices on meat, chips, fish and so many other grocery items! So you can spend your summer eating whatever your heart desires.

5. Picnic/Tailgate Coolers


Going for a picnic in the summer is not nearly as successful without having a picnic or tailgate cooler. You need it for your ice, so you can have something cool to drink on those blazing hot days.

So before you head out to your picnic with family and friends, do not forget to buy your cooler at Costco. You’ll find a variety of full-sized and smaller coolers.

4. Dispenser cooler

Cooler Dispenser

The summer is hot, and staying hydrated is very important. Therefore you need something like a dispenser cooler. This cooler can carry your lemonade, water or whatever else you find hydrating in the summer.

The best water dispenser to purchase for the summer is the one that is designed with UV inhibitors to protect against sun damage. You can buy them in Costco at a reasonable price, along with plenty of cups.

3. Outdoor Kids Toys

toys, kids, outdoors

No kid wants to stay inside the house all the time during summer. Take them outside as much as possible to enjoy the warm days while they last. However, for them to have fun outside, they need outdoor toys to play with each day.

Toys such as water-powered rockets and balance bikes. But where do you get them? Costco, of course! There is no shortage of outdoor toys for kids at Costco.

2. Gas

gas, costco

Costco is the king of gas savings. During summertime, people tend to travel a lot, and that includes road tripping. Long journey’s on the road require a lot of gas, which is not so expensive when purchased at Costco.

1. Swimwear


When you think summer, you think of tanning and swimming. Whether you plan to be at pools, lakes or oceans, being stocked up on swimwear is crucial.

Costco has many different styles to choose from, and they come in solid colors for women, men and children. You can also purchase towels, rash guards and cover-ups. And the best part is how affordable they are!

Get your summer essentials before they are gone!

Most people enjoy shopping, especially when things are cheap, and this summer, you can spend less and buy more by shopping at Costco, the wholesale giant. For every essential item you need for any summer activities, Costco is your place.