11 Least Expensive SUVs To Own

4 min read

Owning a car doesn’t have to break the bank. There are SUVs out there that cost under $20,000, depreciate at a slow rate, retain resale value and have impressive gal mileage.

And, don’t worry, snagging an SUV at a low price doesn’t mean you’ll be making frequent trips to the repair shop.

Every year, Kelley Blue Book selects SUVs from every category with the lowest 5-year cost of ownership compared to others in their class.

Continue reading to find out which 11 SUVs are the least expensive to own in 2021.

11. Hyundai Venue — Best Subcompact SUV

The Hyundai Venue is only 2 years old yet has managed to take the number one spot both years for the least expensive subcompact SUV to own over 5 years.

This SUV comes with a sub-$19,000 MSRP. In addition, it costs $6,838 less to own over 5 years than the average vehicle in its segment.

Cost of 5-year ownership: $29,195

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