11 Ways You Are Destroying Your Microwave and Yourself

4 min read

As we gladly continue to use the microwave as a prompt alternative to cooking our meals on the stovetop, it is becoming more evident that many of the things we pop into the microwave, both foods, and containers, should go nowhere near a microwave.

Some items can destroy the internal creation of the microwave or cause a fire. Some food containers produce a chemical reaction when heated and can dissolve into your foods, causing sickness.

Nutrients can be lost from certain foods also, robbing you of the vital substance. Continue reading to learn about ways you are destroying your microwave and yourself.

11. Frozen Meat

Never defrost your frozen meat in the microwave. Defrosting your meat in the microwave will start cooking it around the edges while in the middle is still frozen.

According to an article published by Daily Mail, “Prof Costas Stathopoulos, of Abertay University in Dundee, said you should always defrost food in the fridge over several hours, or you risk eating dangerous levels of bacteria.”

If you do not own one of those rotating microwaves, the heat distribution will be uneven throughout the meat. You will be inviting bacteria to invade your meat.

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