11 Ways You Are Destroying Your Microwave and Yourself

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8. Chinese Food Containers


Chinese food might be your favorite food, and the microwave might be your favorite appliance, but the metal on the Chinese food container is an absolute no for your microwave!

They can start a fire when heated against the box! It’s best to put your food in a bowl to warm it and avoid that fire hazard that will destroy your microwave.

7. Plastic Containers

Plastic Container

When you are heating your leftovers, take the time to exchange plastic for a plate. When plastic is heated, it releases estrogen-like chemicals, such as BPA.

The Environmental Health Perspectives published a study, which found that 95% of 450 plastics tested had estrogen-like chemicals. Items such as zip-lock bags, containers and baby bottles were all tested after they were microwaved, washed in the dishwasher or soaked in water. Items labeled BPA free also released the same chemicals. So, keep plastic out of the microwave and be safe.