11 Ways You Are Destroying Your Microwave and Yourself

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4. Don’t Microwave Grapes!


When you heat grapes in a microwave, they make plasma. This happens when gas is ionized and electricity flows!

Physics lecturer, Stephen Bosi, shows that nuking grapes in the microwave can produce enough plasma that will melt a plastic container.

Other fruits may not produce plasma, but they create a mess just the same. Whole fruits trap steam under the skin when heated and could burst.

3. Travel Mugs Can Damage Your Microwave

mug travel

Do not consider heating coffee, tea or even soup when in a travel cup. The stainless steel blocks the heat from penetrating the mug to be able to heat your liquid.

You will need to check if it’s microwavable. Even if it says microwavable, you need to reconsider. You could end up damaging your microwave.