11 Ways You Are Destroying Your Microwave and Yourself

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2. An Empty Microwave

Empty Microwave

There must be food or liquid in the microwave, or else the magnetrons (what causes the microwave to function) will absorb the microwaves. This can damage your microwave and start a fire. So, be sure not to press the start option with nothing present!

1. Fancy China

Fine China

Certain plates and bowls with metallic, fancy edges are lovely chinaware to help make the home resourceful, but these pieces should stay far from your microwave.

It doesn’t matter how limited the metal is; it may still react in the microwave. It’s best to invest in a microwavable plate for that purpose if you microwave a lot. You will save your microwave from exploding and getting yourself injured.

Although the microwave has been here for a while, many people still don’t know how to use it properly. As with any appliance, you should know your particular brand and let it serve you well for many years.