12 Common Purchases and the Best Time to Buy Them

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With a little bit of planning and patience, you could be saving lots of money on large purchases that you may need to make regardless. Buying items off season or right before new models are released are a couple of the best ways to find deals on typically expensive transactions. Here are twelve common purchases and the best time of the year to buy them!

12. January – Carpet & Flooring

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Many homeowners choose to replace their carpet and flooring right before the holidays so their place of residence is comfortable for their guests. Because of this, January is a great time to buy these expensive products. After the initial rush, manufacturers will have cut prices in hopes of encouraging more business as the beginning of the year is typically a slow commercial season. If you can make it through the holidays, you will be rewarded with big savings.

11. February – Gas Grills & Air Conditioners

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Usually, buying items off season will save you money. This rule rings true for gas grills and air conditioners. These items will be significantly cheaper in the dead of winter when there is little to no demand for them. You don’t see a lot of people using their air conditioners or bbqing outside when the temperature is -5 outside. Think ahead about your summer needs, you will not regret it.

10. March – Chocolate

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Chocolate that had it’s price marked way too high for Valentines day will now be super cheap. Valentine’s day themed candy boxes don’t sell well after the holiday and stores will be desperate to sell these confections at any price. They cannot wait and sell it another year as the chocolate will go bad. That means that prices will be slashed so low that they are practically giving it away for free.

9. April – Vacuum Cleaners

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New vacuum models typically come out in June, making April the best time to buy an older model. Ease the pain of Spring cleaning by saving money on your brand new vacuum before expensive new models are released to the public.

8. May – Refrigerators

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Interestingly, new fridge models are released in May, which causes older models to come down significantly in price. These refrigerators are still essentially new, so to wait for the discounted prices makes a lot of sense. Other appliances are cheaper at different times of the year, but May is a great time to buy that new fridge you’ve been eyeing.

7. June – Gym Memberships

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By June, most people have given up on their New Year’s Resolutions and gyms are certainly feeling the decline in business. In hopes to drum up membership, gym owner’s will be offering deals to drive customers in. Also, it’s time to work on that summer body!

6. July – Furniture

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Often, new furniture comes out in August, making July a perfect time to buy existing floor models. Store owners will be hoping to make room for new arrivals, and will likely slash prices in order to do so. Waiting for July to roll around is the smartest way to revamp your living room.

5. August – Kid’s Clothing

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Take advantage of Back-To-School sales in August and buy your children clothes for the rest of the year during this month. Department stores usually have sales offering huge discounts, so to wait and buy clothes any other time simply makes no sense. Kids can ruin clothes on a daily basis, so it makes sense to stock up ahead of time. You won’t regret it!

4. September – Holiday Airfare

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Airline tickets are typically at their lowest price about 2 months before your travel date, making September a great time to start planning and purchasing your holiday tickets. You’ll also be able to find the dates and seats you want before the rush begins. Do yourself a favor and don’t procrastinate this year. Get your tickets before the holiday rush, save some money, and gain some piece of mind.

3. October – Cars

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Dealerships are gearing up to release their upcoming year’s car models, making October a great month to buy a car. Still new but perhaps a year older, cars will be flying off lots as the dealerships frantically attempt to make room for the new fleet. Dealerships offer deep discounts on last year’s models and you may end up saving more than you’d expect. Head in and claim one for yourself at a price you can’t imagine!

2. November – Tools

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The holiday season comes along with many great deals, and tools are no exception. Stores like Lowes and Home Depot have great sales on tools, so whether it’s for you or a present for a loved one, November is a perfect time to stock up your toolbox.

1. December – Golf Clubs

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You may be months away from using them, but December is a great time to go out and buy golf clubs. They are off season, so prices won’t be inflated. Golf can be a pretty expensive hobby as is, and using this tip can make it a little easier on your pocketbook.


Having the flexibility and foresight to buy products when they are most reasonably priced, as opposed to when you urgently need to use them, is a great way to budget your money. Stores are offering great savings, so take advantage and go out and get them!