12 Foods You Shouldn’t Buy Frozen

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 4. Smoothie Base Mixes

smoothie base mix

It’s always great to start your morning off with a nutritious smoothie — you can’t go wrong there! What is wrong, however, is shopping for smoothie base mix in the frozen aisle.

The mix we are referring to contains no fruits or vegetables whatsoever. All you’ll be adding to your smoothie is natural flavorings, gums and sugar.

If you find portioned-out fruit and veggie mixes that only require a liquid to create a delicious smoothie, you are on the right track.

ALL TIME TIP: For a more nutrient-dense and creamy smoothie, add in clean protein powders and plant-based milk.

3. Frozen Pasta Dishes

frozen pasta

Frozen pasta dishes are desired comfort foods but not the healthiest option. They are filled with fats and sodium. You can quickly rustle up your own pasta dish and be perfectly satisfied.

It is simple enough to boil your own noodles and carefully choose the ingredients you add. For a healthier twist and your own good pleasure, throw in tons of veggies and flavorful herbs.