12 “Healthy” Hygiene Habits That Are Bad for You

4 min read

We all strive to be healthy and enjoy a lifestyle of ease and well-being. Yet, many common hygiene habits you presume to be “healthy” are not good for you!

Continue reading to find out the 12 healthy hygiene habits that are actually unhealthy.

12. Cleaning Your Ears With Q-Tips

You can use Q-Tips all you want, but don’t use them for digging out earwax. Medical experts warn not to start using Q-Tips for ear cleaning and to stop if you already do it frequently.

The swabs seem soft and harmless but have caused multiple issues, including punctured eardrums and ear infections.

According to the experts, you don’t need to clean your ear. When you shower, enough water goes in the ear canal and washes away built-up wax.

11. Bubble Baths

How can this be? The relaxing, luxurious bubble bath that helps you unwind and kick back is not a healthy habit?! Well, experts say bubble baths can cause skin irritation and possibly a yeast infection for women.

Those lovely bath bombs can strip protective oils from the vagina with their harsh detergents and varied fragrances. Unfortunately, they also disrupt the pH balance of the skin.

Experts say that bubble baths increase the odds of bladder and vaginal infection and uncomfortable dryness.

ALL TIME TIP: If you’re dying to take a bubble bath, ensure you use soap or bath bombs with purely natural ingredients.

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