12 Lies You Were Told as a Kid You Probably Still Believe

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8. Watching TV Too Close to the Screen Damages Eyes

TV, damage eyes

Another lie! You can sit as close as you like and have your eyes intact. This is according to vision experts at Will Vision And Laser Center. It doesn’t matter where you sit because the blue light will affect your eyes to the same degree. It makes you strain your eyes which corrects itself afterward. Get some blue light filtering glasses if you stare at screens excessively.

7. Humans Have Five Senses

five senses

This one may shock you. The theory that taste, smell, touch, sight and sound are our only senses dates back to Aristotle 300 B.C. Science has come a long way since and is now discovering that we have up to 22 senses, with 10 main ones. Harvard School of Medicine sites at least six more senses, including balance, sense of pain and perception of time.