12 Lies You Were Told as a Kid You Probably Still Believe

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4. Dogs See Only Black and White

dogs vision, black and white

Now, who do we believe here? After decades of thinking that dogs see in black and white, now we hear that dogs see the world in yellow, grays and blues.

Also, dogs see something from the same distance as humans at 20 to 40% of human visual ability. They will see blurry what you see clearly. They see better in dim light, however, and can detect motion much better than humans.

3. Adam and Eve Ate the Apple

adam and eve, apple

Who knows for sure that it was an apple that this couple ate? We see it on TV, in artwork and the movies, but there is no way to know the accuracy of the event.

Theologists theorize that given the geological location and landmarks referenced, it is more likely that the fruit would have been a pomegranate or fig.