12 Lies You Were Told as a Kid You Probably Still Believe

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2. You Must Wait 24 hours To Report a Missing Person

missing person

False! If you have reason to believe that someone is in danger, who has not returned home or hasn’t met up with you as planned, and you are not hearing from them, call the police immediately.

If you don’t call and someone ends up dying or badly hurt, you’ll be forever living in guilt. The NYPD has confirmed that you should call, and they will advise on the next move.

1. You Swallow Seven Spiders Every Year

swallow spiders

While North American homes have spiders as part of the landscape,  spiders normally don’t want to come anywhere near your bed. They frequent places that have prey. So, unless your bed has bed bugs, they should stay away. A spider will not crawl in your mouth and say, ‘let me die here.’ Aren’t you happy this is false? Phew!