12 Lies You Were Told as a Kid You Probably Still Believe

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There are many things as children that we practiced and believed as gospel truth. Like the stork bringing a new baby, the tooth fairy taking your lost teeth and Santa Claus.

There were also many things our parents taught us that they also believed and probably still believe today.

Continue reading as we look back on some common beliefs that we learned when we were kids that are actually not true.

12. Sugar Makes You HyperActive

sugar hyperactive

It’s a “known fact” even now! Parents are still teaching their children to keep away from sweets. Not only because they rot the teeth, but that sweets make them hyper and hard to manage.

Studies after studies reveal that we’ve all been misled. Children had the same behavior pattern, whether they had sugar or not. But parents want to believe that there must be a plausible explanation for an overactive child.

11. Wait an Hour After Eating Before You Swim


Depending on where you are in the world, the story is different. Many believe that you will vomit if you swim after eating. Or, since the body sends blood away from your limbs to your stomach indigestion, your limbs could grow tired quickly, and you could get cramps and drown.

Thankfully, the Mayo Clinic assures us that there is no scientific basis for these claims. As soon as you feel that your food is digested, jump right back in and enjoy your frolicking time.

10. You’ll Get Arthritis From Cracking Your Knuckles


The only thing you should worry about when cracking your knuckles is it being an annoying habit to the people around you. Several studies done at Harvard compared people who never cracked their knuckles with those who cracked theirs habitually and found no risks of arthritis. What the habit can do, though, is give you a weakened grip, so keep that habit on the downside.

9. “Cavemen” Lived in Caves

cavemen, caves

There isn’t any such thing as cavemen. The term describes early farmers of the Stone Age. Caves were popularly used as burial spots. And you could find hyenas, bears and other wild animals living in caves and using them for shelter.

Caves were also used for artwork and the kitchen. Stone Age people would live in camps or bender huts carved from hazelwood. These huts were bent to form a circle and covered with animal skin.

8. Watching TV Too Close to the Screen Damages Eyes

TV, damage eyes

Another lie! You can sit as close as you like and have your eyes intact. This is according to vision experts at Will Vision And Laser Center. It doesn’t matter where you sit because the blue light will affect your eyes to the same degree. It makes you strain your eyes which corrects itself afterward. Get some blue light filtering glasses if you stare at screens excessively.

7. Humans Have Five Senses

five senses

This one may shock you. The theory that taste, smell, touch, sight and sound are our only senses dates back to Aristotle 300 B.C. Science has come a long way since and is now discovering that we have up to 22 senses, with 10 main ones. Harvard School of Medicine sites at least six more senses, including balance, sense of pain and perception of time.

6. Consuming Carrots Improve Vision


Vitamin A does help your eyesight, but carrots actually don’t have any Vitamin A. Carrots have beta-carotene, which the body converts to vitamin A. Pumpkin pie, kale, butter squash, apricots, spinach and sweet potatoes also give you vitamin A.

5. Don’t Wake a Sleep Walker

Sleep walking

Leaving a sleepwalker to continue on their way is not the safest option. There is the fear that sleepwalkers will attack the person waking them, but that is not true. However, it may be alarming to the person if you wake them.

The National Sleep Foundation recommends directing the person back to their bed or walking beside them for a while to ensure that they don’t get in a car and take off! Use loud, sharp noise to wake them from a distance if you can’t get them back to bed.

4. Dogs See Only Black and White

dogs vision, black and white

Now, who do we believe here? After decades of thinking that dogs see in black and white, now we hear that dogs see the world in yellow, grays and blues.

Also, dogs see something from the same distance as humans at 20 to 40% of human visual ability. They will see blurry what you see clearly. They see better in dim light, however, and can detect motion much better than humans.

3. Adam and Eve Ate the Apple

adam and eve, apple

Who knows for sure that it was an apple that this couple ate? We see it on TV, in artwork and the movies, but there is no way to know the accuracy of the event.

Theologists theorize that given the geological location and landmarks referenced, it is more likely that the fruit would have been a pomegranate or fig.

2. You Must Wait 24 hours To Report a Missing Person

missing person

False! If you have reason to believe that someone is in danger, who has not returned home or hasn’t met up with you as planned, and you are not hearing from them, call the police immediately.

If you don’t call and someone ends up dying or badly hurt, you’ll be forever living in guilt. The NYPD has confirmed that you should call, and they will advise on the next move.

1. You Swallow Seven Spiders Every Year

swallow spiders

While North American homes have spiders as part of the landscape,  spiders normally don’t want to come anywhere near your bed. They frequent places that have prey. So, unless your bed has bed bugs, they should stay away. A spider will not crawl in your mouth and say, ‘let me die here.’ Aren’t you happy this is false? Phew!