12 Must-Try Coffee Alternatives

4 min read

If you are a coffee connoisseur, you have probably gone through every coffee brand available and may be looking to try something different. Whether you are tired of caffeine jitters, the reliance on the beverage or you just want to spice up your mornings a bit; you have options– loads of them.

Even if you find it hard to get unhooked from the addictive favorite, it is not impossible. Plus, if you are short on time, there are quick and easy alternatives that offer healthier benefits and do a super job of perking you up and energizing you for the day.

12. Yerba Mate

This brew has a similar effect as tea but is from a different plant altogether. It is naturally caffeinated but does not produce the negative effect of coffee that gives you that high lift energy. What it does is provide calming energy that stabilizes your system and balances your blood sugar.

11. Chicory Root

If you are transitioning from traditional coffee and fearful of the withdrawal, then chicory root is your best option. It goes through the same process as coffee– roasted, ground and infused, but contains no coffee. As an alternative, it has the closest taste to coffee and is prepared just the same.

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