12 Must-Watch Netflix Documentaries

4 min read

Documentaries lead the search for truth. Depending on the genre, you could be laughing your head off, crying your eyes out or cursing in righteous indignation.

Whatever your reaction may be, here are 12 Netflix documentaries for your entertainment pleasure.

12. The Story of Diana

Source: Bingewagon

Relive the life and struggles of the late Princess Diana. This Netflix documentary spotlights the incredible demands on the princess, along with rising tension during her time as a royal.

Diana struggles to be herself, and her marriage unravels. When she finally summons the strength to stay afloat in the noise of uncertainty and the ravenous media, tragedy strikes.

11. Challenger: The Final Flight

Source: Netflix

The limited documentary series chronicle the journey to and the aftermath of the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster, Jan 28, 1986. The New Space Shuttle Program highlights the interest-of-the nation and a driven set of astronauts, along with safety issues.

NASA chooses a teacher, Christie McAuliffe, to be the first civilian female going to space. The crew prepares for launch after several delays. As engineers tensely discuss the safety concerns of the O-rings and frigid weather for launching.

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