12 Must-Watch Netflix Documentaries

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2. Jim and Andy: The Great Beyond

Jim And Andy The Great Beyond
Source: Mag the Weekly

In this documentary, you behold the behind the scene footage of the days when Jim Carrey played Andy Kaufman. He transforms into the character in more ways than you can imagine.

Carrey remains in character even when the cameras aren’t rolling. The documentary showcases how passionate the legendary actor is about his job. It’s unlike anything you’ll ever see!

1. Icarus

Source: Netflix

Icarus won the Oscar for best documentary in 2017. Directed by Bryan Fogel, the film portrays his own story as he gets himself involved in doping for an upcoming amateur cycling race.

He falls further into a tangled web as he finds himself a Russian scientist who will ensure he can dope without being detected. Many athletes have gone unnoticed in doping for a good many years through the Russian.