12 Must-Watch Netflix Documentaries

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Documentaries lead the search for truth. Depending on the genre, you could be laughing your head off, crying your eyes out or cursing in righteous indignation.

Whatever your reaction may be, here are 12 Netflix documentaries for your entertainment pleasure.

12. The Story of Diana

The Story Of Diana
Source: Bingewagon

Relive the life and struggles of the late Princess Diana. This Netflix documentary spotlights the incredible demands on the princess, along with rising tension during her time as a royal.

Diana struggles to be herself, and her marriage unravels. When she finally summons the strength to stay afloat in the noise of uncertainty and the ravenous media, tragedy strikes.

11. Challenger: The Final Flight

Challener The Final Flight
Source: Netflix

The limited documentary series chronicle the journey to and the aftermath of the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster, Jan 28, 1986. The New Space Shuttle Program highlights the interest-of-the nation and a driven set of astronauts, along with safety issues.

NASA chooses a teacher, Christie McAuliffe, to be the first civilian female going to space. The crew prepares for launch after several delays. As engineers tensely discuss the safety concerns of the O-rings and frigid weather for launching.

10. Our Planet

Our Planet
Source: Netflix

Relax and enjoy the wonders of our planet’s natural beauty! Not only will you be amazed by the earth’s wonders, but this docu-series will help you understand how climate change impacts everything that lives in this spectacular space.

See stunning visuals of frozen worlds, vast jungles and rain forests. The diversity of all things wild and their incredible homes is bound to take your breath away.

9. Gaga: Five Foot Two

Gaga Five Foot Two
Source: Netflix

Watch this pop provocateur as she releases her new album and confronts her physical and emotional struggles, all while she prepares for the super bowl halftime show.

The multi-platinum singer and songwriter has earned plenty of academy awards throughout her career, including nine Grammys. Even if you’re not a fan of Lady Gaga, you don’t want to miss out on this documentary.

8. Biggie: I Got a Story To Tell

Biggie I Got A Story To Tell
Source: Netflix

This documentary celebrates the Notorious B.I.G.’s life on his adventurous journey from a hustler to a rap king. It features rare footage and in-depth interviews. You’ll see a side of Biggies Smalls that you’ve never seen before.

7. Becoming

Source: Medium

The iconic Michelle Obama tells her story in this Emmy nominated documentary. You get an inside look at her life and dreams. Looking at her life before, during and after the White House, the documentary shows how she became the inspiring woman she is today. 

6. ReMastered: Who Shot the Sheriff?

Who Shot The Sheriff
Source: Netflix

The reggae icon Robert (Bob) Nester Marley survived an assassination attempt in 1976. The political climate was hot, and groups were showing allegiance to their preferred political party were battling each other.

The political leaders at the time could barely control the faction, and it was Marley who brought the two-party leaders together for a peace rally. So, who was responsible for the upheaval at the time and the attempt on Marley’s life? This documentary is well worth the watch!

5. Dark Tourist

Dark Tourist
Source: Netflix

Journalist David Ferrier stars in the eight-part series of Dark Tourist as he visits macabre tourist destinations across-the-globe. From a nuclear lake to a haunted forest to meeting Pablo Escobar in Colombia and witnessing an exorcism in Mexico, nothing seems to phase him.

Ferrier also takes a tour dedicated to the late US president JFK’s assassination in Dallas. He even goes to New Orleans and shares a meal with a vampire! There are so many interesting adventures to be seen in this Netflix docu-series.

4. The Great Hack

The Great Hack
Source: Netflix

This documentary highlights an online breach of privacy by corporations like Cambridge Analytica, which used data provided by Facebook. It is ideal for people who think that everything they see on their device is accurate and truthful. The truth is: You’re only allowed to see what they want you to see, which is not necessarily the truth.

3. Feminists: What Were They Thinking?

Feminists What Are They Thinking
Source: Netflix

We go back in time to the second wave of feminism and how feminists have contributed significantly to the growth and elevation of women’s rights. This documentary celebrates feminists, including Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin and many others, as they reveal their own experiences and roles in heightening awareness for women’s rights.

2. Jim and Andy: The Great Beyond

Jim And Andy The Great Beyond
Source: Mag the Weekly

In this documentary, you behold the behind the scene footage of the days when Jim Carrey played Andy Kaufman. He transforms into the character in more ways than you can imagine.

Carrey remains in character even when the cameras aren’t rolling. The documentary showcases how passionate the legendary actor is about his job. It’s unlike anything you’ll ever see!

1. Icarus

Source: Netflix

Icarus won the Oscar for best documentary in 2017. Directed by Bryan Fogel, the film portrays his own story as he gets himself involved in doping for an upcoming amateur cycling race.

He falls further into a tangled web as he finds himself a Russian scientist who will ensure he can dope without being detected. Many athletes have gone unnoticed in doping for a good many years through the Russian.