12 Surprising Costco Foods You Should Avoid

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3. Chips


Chips already get a bad rap as is, but Costco’s chips are even worse because of the size of the bag they come in. On second thought, it isn’t so much about the size of the bag as it is about our tendency not to be able to eat just one.

And, that’s true no matter if it’s Lays or some other brand. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying some chips now and then. Just be careful with that big bag of chips, and make sure to keep your portion sizes reasonable.

2. Chicken Bakes

Chicken bakes

The infamous chicken bakes you can find at Costo’s food court are sold in the frozen aisle for you to take home. Frozen foods are great for saving time, but there’s nothing good about chicken bakes other than their delicious taste.

Containing over half a day’s worth of sodium and unhealthy fats, chicken bakes are not going to benefit your health in any way. Of course, it is ok to treat yourself and get one at the food court once in a blue moon, but having them stocked up at home is not a great idea.

1. Croissants


Biting into a buttery, flakey croissant is a mouth-watering experience. Some may consider croissants to be irresistible. But that’s exactly why you shouldn’t purchase them in bulk at Costco.

The carb-loaded treat has hardly any nutrients and is certain to take your diet down the wrong path. Fortunately, when you eat clean, you crave unhealthy food way less often. So, soon enough, these croissants won’t even be a thought on your mind.