12 Surprising Everyday Things You Might Be Addicted To

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2. Tanning


Once you see how good you can look with a tan, it can certainly become an addiction. Unfortunately, whenever you decide to tan your skin, you are exposed to cancer-causing UV rays.

When you become addicted to tanning your skin, you have a tanning disorder called, Tanorexia. Therefore, you must be careful as to how often you tan. Avoid tanning beds at all costs!

ALL TIME TIP: If you must tan, get a spray tan! It is the healthiest form of tanning out there.

1. Sleeping


It is recommended to sleep for eight hours every night, but that is not always easy. If you frequently sleep less than eight hours, you will feel tired, and your health can be affected.

However, sleeping too much is no better. If you sleep too much, you end up feeling tired and always want to go back to bed!

Find your balance

You can become addicted to things and situations without being aware of the addiction. Doing things excessively and compulsively can affect people’s quality of life.

So, it’s good to look inward as we proceed with our daily life and recognize areas where balance is needed.