12 Surprising Everyday Things You Might Be Addicted To

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Addiction occurs when something helps you manage emotions or cravings, and you feel as if you cannot live without it. Everyone has differently wired brains, meaning that addictive things can affect each person’s brain differently.

Once an addiction gets out of control, you should seek the assistance of a doctor or a therapist. Common addictions are gambling, drinking, smoking and drugs, but there are many more things out there that you could become addicted to without even realizing it.

Continue reading to find out 12 surprising everyday things you might be addicted to.

12. Smartphone


The use of smartphones is an addiction for many people. It is usually hard to quit because so much information can be accessed from the palm of our hands. Most of the time, people would use it to access different social media apps.

Once you have this addiction, it is nearly impossible to be present in daily life. It becomes extremely difficult to ignore all the latest bits of news popping up on your phone screen.

Being too addicted to the phone can cause accidents and those around to be offended. If your life is highly affected by your smartphone, you need to get help from a doctor, counselor or other professional.

11. Sugar

sugar, sweet treats

Eating sweet treats filled with sugar can often be irresistible. Rewarding yourself dessert after dinner often turns into a habit that brings about an unstoppable addiction. Sweet treats are usually high in carbs, fats and sugar.

Have you ever heard of a sugar high? It really does exist! Being addicted to sugar can lead to many health problems. So control the number of sweets you eat to enhance your good health and well-being.

10. Shopping  


Most people love to go shopping, especially women. However, shopping can become an addiction in no time. Many people tend to buy things they don’t need.

If this occurs a lot, it is a possibility that you have impulse-control problems or anxiety issues. It can also lead to financial, legal and social problems.

9. Plastic Surgery

plastic surgery

Some people are addicted to changing how they look and cannot get enough nips and tucks. In this case, they likely have body dysmorphic disorder and show an uncommon obsession with defects only they can see. This addiction must be controlled because it can cause permanent damage to an individual’s entire being.

8. Exercise


Exercise is something everyone should incorporate into their lives. It has many health benefits and can even help you get over other addictions.

However, there is a point where too much exercise can be unhealthy. Obsessively exercising can often be the result of body image disorders and eating disorders.

7. Social Media

social media

Nearly everyone is addicted to social media. Most people spend hours of their day on Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, Instagram and YouTube.

Once you are hooked to the different social media, you become obsessed with posting details about yourself and viewing other’s profiles. The attention and gratification you get from posting only makes you want to post more often.

6. Tattoos


People get tattoos for many different reasons. Some want to cover scars, some express themselves through tattoos and others are just addicted to it.

Getting a new tattoo gives people an addictive adrenaline rush and can boost their self-esteem. They may also believe that a new image on the skin will impress others.

Tattoo addiction often causes the addict to look strange after a while. In addition, it can affect you in getting specific jobs and cause health issues in the future.

5. Listening to Music


Listening to music is a regular thing for most. However, it can become an addiction. Music boosts serotonin, relieves stress and helps calm nerves. Different genres of music can change your mood drastically.

However, it is important to realize that being addicted to music can positively and negatively impact your life. Therefore, you should be careful when choosing music.

4. Playing Video Games

video games

Playing video games is a potentially addictive activity. Once you become addicted to playing video games, it can affect your personal and social life negatively.

You may even start to prioritize video games over work or school. So, try not to get too attached to playing video games. Instead, try to do other activities in between.

3. Eating Healthy

healthy eating

Everyone should practice eating healthy. However, becoming too focused on eating healthy can cause an eating disorder called Orthorexia.

Once you become obsessed with eating right, it can lead to unhealthy habits that cause stress, malnourishment and a decrease in your quality of life.

2. Tanning


Once you see how good you can look with a tan, it can certainly become an addiction. Unfortunately, whenever you decide to tan your skin, you are exposed to cancer-causing UV rays.

When you become addicted to tanning your skin, you have a tanning disorder called, Tanorexia. Therefore, you must be careful as to how often you tan. Avoid tanning beds at all costs!

ALL TIME TIP: If you must tan, get a spray tan! It is the healthiest form of tanning out there.

1. Sleeping


It is recommended to sleep for eight hours every night, but that is not always easy. If you frequently sleep less than eight hours, you will feel tired, and your health can be affected.

However, sleeping too much is no better. If you sleep too much, you end up feeling tired and always want to go back to bed!

Find your balance

You can become addicted to things and situations without being aware of the addiction. Doing things excessively and compulsively can affect people’s quality of life.

So, it’s good to look inward as we proceed with our daily life and recognize areas where balance is needed.