12 Things Costco Won’t Sell Anymore

5 min read

Costco has made some changes to the products it sells once again. As a retailer that offers the best for less, this hopefully means something better is coming out. You may not see some of your favorites anymore, but it generally doesn’t take long to develop something even better.

If you have a favorite and notice an asterisk on it, it indicates that it will discontinue shortly and may never return. So it is a good time to stock up! However, there are times when you don’t get the opportunity to stock up because of abrupt removal.

Continue reading to find out which 12 items you won’t be seeing at Costco anymore.

12. Half-Sheet Cakes

half-sheet cake

Out with the half-sheets and in with the 10-inch round cakes! Costco informed the nation in June that it would no longer sell these delicious party favorites anymore.

The 10-inch round cakes seem to serve fewer people, and many wonder if Costco made the change to discourage large gatherings due to COVID-19. Whatever the cause for the change may be, say goodbye to the beloved half-sheet cake.

11. Roundup Weed Killer

roundup weed killer

The controversial weedkiller is off the shelves. A couple won a lawsuit of 2 billion after claiming that the Monsanto weedkiller gave them cancer. Costco then removed all products containing glyphosate from its shelves. So seek out safer alternatives to banish the pesky weeds in your yard.