12 Things That Could Become Obsolete After the Coronavirus Pandemic

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The coronavirus pandemic has brought about a lot of changes. Unfortunately, some of those changes could last permanently. That being said, here are 12 things that could become obsolete after the coronavirus pandemic.

12. Cash

Cash Money
Source: Pixabay

A cashless society is something many people have envisioned for quite some time. But, it may actually become a reality sooner than we had imagined. After all, cash is routinely passed among individuals, and with all of that passing money around, microbes get passed around with it as well. In fact, both paper currency and coins can carry anything from benign bacteria to dangerous superbugs. And, when you touch that money and then touch someone’s hand or touch a doorknob, elevator button, or other object people often come in contact with, you could spread whatever infection is on that currency to others. This truly gives a whole new meaning to the term “dirty money.”