12 Things You Won’t See at Airports Anymore

4 min read

The travel industry has undergone many changes over time. For example, we’ve gone from taxicabs picking up travelers to the reliance on share rides. And online ticket purchasing and touchscreen kiosks have reduced the need for human workers.

Continue reading to find out 12 more things that are slowly disappearing from airports.

12. Curbside Pickup– Uber and Lyft

Uber and Lyft are moving from airport terminals to offsite pickup points. Their relocation facilitates the free movement of human and vehicular traffic in the already congested airport arrival terminal.

Offsite pickup locations were a headline grabber in 2019. This relocation of offsite airport pickups has expanded to Seattle, Boston, Austin and San Francisco. Don’t be surprised if all major airports only have offsite pickup areas as part of the changing travel landscape.

11. Currency Exchange 

Travelers are getting smart about cashing out their own country’s currency to foreign currency. The money-making booths obviously  hold an in-house advantage, being located in international terminals. As a result, travelers get duped into paying out outrageous sums for terrible exchange rates.

Travelers have become wise to local customs of withdrawing cash from an ATM upon landing and receive a fair exchange rate. As a result, the currency exchange booths will eventually become obsolete.

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