12 Bad Morning Habits You Should Avoid

5 min read

Waking up in the morning doesn’t have to be a drag at all. If you get enough sleep and have a healthy morning routine that brings you joy, your life will forever change for the better.

The recommended eight hours of sleep is for a reason. Your body needs to recover and rejuvenate from that hectic, seemingly never-ending day. Anything less will befuddle you in the morning and make you want to stay in bed.

Continue reading to see which morning habits you should avoid for a more successful, balanced and happy life.

12. Snoozing Your Alarm

To start your day out on a positive note, you need to stop hitting that snooze button every 10 minutes. If you think about it, what will 10 minutes really do? It will only take you longer to feel awake and ready to take on the day.

Snoozing your alarm can cause you to miss appointments and deadlines, which leads to stress and anxiety. Be intentional and rise at that first alarm by all means necessary. Don’t give your mind time to think about why you don’t want to get up, or you’ll burrow further down under the covers. Jump right out and get your energizing self going.

11. Checking Your Work Email

Does anyone really need your attention at 6 a.m? At least get something in your stomach before you respond to any work-related issue. You likely have a set work schedule, so stick to it!

Of course, your job is important, and you want to get a handle on things as early as possible, but not at the expense of your peace and personal time.

That important email you’re waiting on will be there when the workday begins, and the sender does not expect you to respond before work hours.

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