13 Celebrities Who Have Come Out as LGBTQ+ in 2021

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6. Joshua Basset

Joshua Bassett

In May, the star from “High School Musical, the musical, The Series” said he was figuring out his sexuality. Then when Olivia Rodrigo, who played his love interest on the show, released her song, “Driver’s License,” he got even more popular.

Soon after, he said he was attracted to Harry Styles in an interview with Clever News. He then released a statement on Twitter saying, “love who you love shamelessly.” Although he admitted to being a part of the LGBTQ+ community, he doesn’t find coming out necessary.

5. Larry Saperstein

Larry Saperstein

Saperstein, a co-star to Basset, revealed in June that he is bisexual. This was on a Tik Tok video at the start of pride month. “The High School Musical: The Series,” star, had his face on camera with text that read, “plays a character with a girlfriend on TV.” The text then changed to “it’s a bi girl.”