13 Effective Ways To Make Your Workouts Better

4 min read

It is extremely frustrating when you’ve been doing your workout routine for a while and still not seeing any results. You have fitness goals you want to accomplish, but you just don’t know how to achieve them, where to start or how to improve.

Continue reading to learn the best tips to improve your workouts and see results!

13. Divide Workout into Intervals

Doing interval training allows you to burn more calories in specific time frames and improves endurance. Changing the intensity of your workout from high to moderate, then low and high again keeps things fun and exciting.

Your heart will get used to the vigor, and you’ll be able to exercise easier with time. Try doing your high-intensity exercises for 30 seconds all out, then you low-intensity exercises for 1 minute and repeat until tired or after doing 10 rounds.

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