13 Effective Ways To Make Your Workouts Better

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It is extremely frustrating when you’ve been doing your workout routine for a while and still not seeing any results. You have fitness goals you want to accomplish, but you just don’t know how to achieve them, where to start or how to improve.

Continue reading to learn the best tips to improve your workouts and see results!

13. Divide Workout into Intervals


Doing interval training allows you to burn more calories in specific time frames and improves endurance. Changing the intensity of your workout from high to moderate, then low and high again keeps things fun and exciting.

Your heart will get used to the vigor, and you’ll be able to exercise easier with time. Try doing your high-intensity exercises for 30 seconds all out, then you low-intensity exercises for 1 minute and repeat until tired or after doing 10 rounds.

12. Ensure You Eat

eat, protein

Eating a balanced meal or snack before and after a workout session is crucial. Your exercise is most effective when your body is fueled with stores of complex carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats.

Exercising on an empty stomach is dangerous as there are not enough calories present for the body to burn off. Having a simple peanut butter toast 30 minutes before getting your sneakers on does the trick.

11. Play Music

workout, music

Listening to music while exercising uplifts your mood, distracts you from the intensity of the workout and naturally makes you push yourself harder.

Research shows that listening to music stimulates parts of the brain that deal with movement and coordination, allowing you to do the moves with good form, all the while having fun. Music also relaxes you and helps bring your heart rate back to normal quickly after a workout session.

10. Do it With a Friend

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Exercising with a friend makes the experience more fun and will make you want to work harder. According to research, those who have a workout partner usually stay committed to their goals and succeed in their workout programs. You’ll get the most out of our workout sessions while enjoying yourself.

9. Keep Hydrated


Being dehydrated causes your muscles to become stiff, affecting how well you can exercise. It’s best to drink water upon arising, and throughout the rest of your day, as you benefit the most from the water, you drink a couple of hours before you work out.

While exercising, you lose water from your body through sweat. It is essential to replenish yourself by drinking water after your workout. Water is needed for all body systems to function properly.

8. Get a Massage After a Hard Workout


Massages relieve tension in your muscles and give you a feel-good sensation. More importantly, massages help you recover from your exercise quicker by affecting the genes in the cells of your muscles.

The result is less soreness in muscles and reduced inflammation. The less sore and inflamed you are, the easier you’ll be able to do your workout.

7. Keep Track of Your Progress


Keeping a record of all the exercises, you do daily and how much of each you do is super beneficial. You get to see where you need improvement as well as all the progress you’ve made so far. This encourages you to continue on your journey to achieving your exercise goals. Get out your journal write down which workouts you do daily.

6. Wear Appropriate Workout Clothing

Workout attire

The right exercise attire allows you to move easier and more comfortably, making your workout effective. Wearing clothes made from breathable fabrics and socks made from wool or polypropylene help absorb sweat that later gets evaporated and keeps you cool while exercising.

The lack of sweat will help prevent bacterial and fungal growth and keep you from smelling unpleasant and funky. The right socks and shoes stop you from getting blisters and gives utmost comfort.

5. Do Weight Lifting


Studies show that lifting weights boosts your metabolism and helps you to lose weight easier. Start easy, and as you get stronger, you can start lifting heavier weights to provide more resistance to your muscles. Ensure you assume the correct form as you lift weights to get the best results and don’t hurt yourself.

4. Get a Personal Trainer

personal trainer

Having guidance from a professional will help you choose exercises suitable for your body and prevent you from injuring yourself. This way, you will be held accountable to do your workout sessions, and you’ll have someone to encourage you to set and achieve realistic goals.

3. Increase Protein Intake Before Bed and After Exercise

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Protein is needed to build and repair muscle. According to studies, having protein before bed increases your growth hormone and causes you to gain more muscles quicker.

The same is true for eating protein after a workout. Protein repairs body tissues and strengthens muscles so you can work out the following day.

2. Stretch Before and After Your Workout


Getting your muscles relaxed before you start exercising is essential to prevent injuries. Stretching is just as important after your workout. Your body will be warm, so not only is it easier to stretch, but it will help bring down your blood pressure and recover your muscles.

1. Do the Hardest Part First


At the start of your workout, you are most energy-filled and focused. This means you can conquer the challenging exercises first, which usually give you the most muscle gains. Attempting to do these exercises near the end of your workout could lead to you hurting yourself since you are tired and not as focused at this point.