13 Places That Will Pay You To Move There

4 min read

Tired of the old scenery and want to relocate? You may consider moving when you hear there are places in the U.S. that will pay you to move there.

Currently, Massachusetts could be one of those states if lawmakers have their way. Who knows, maybe they’ll be offering a hefty $10,000 for each relocation like other states are doing.

Many of these states set out to attract talented professionals across the different industries, while some, like Maine, want higher education professionals.

The pandemic has also caused many people to consider relocating. So, if you live in a COVID-19 hot spot, you may be ready for a new experience. In another part of the country, maybe? Let’s take a look at the places inviting you and their incentives.

13. Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa needs remote workers to move there and will give you a grant of $10,000. The grant is yours if you can work remotely and if your application process goes well.

The application includes a virtual interview, and the George Kaizer Family Foundation funds it. You will receive payments over the course of a year.

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