13 Things That Will Be Obsolete Soon

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10. Parking Meters

parking meters

As the world becomes even more high-tech, many cities are turning to parking apps that let people pay for their time as they need it, all from the comfort of their cell phone — or other smart devices.

This eliminates the need to carry around a bunch of change in your pocket, which is good anyway, considering that there has been a coin shortage ever since the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic. Not to mention that money will likely become obsolete in the next few generations or so.

9. Human Workers

Human worker

Depending on the industry you work in, you could find yourself being replaced with automation. In fact, fast-food workers have been under threat of automation for quite some time now, with robots completing tasks ordinarily done by humans, such as taking orders, making and serving food, washing dishes, etc.

Even live human operators are being replaced with automated operators — at least partially anyway. These automated customer service systems are used to identify callers and their needs and place them in a queue to speak with a human operator.

That could, however, change in the near future. What’s more, is that front desk staff at hospitals could even start being replaced.

“The registration and front desk areas will no longer need to be staffed due to smartphone enabled direction and instructions with digital access keys that will allow patients the full digital experience for clinic visits or hospital outpatient services,” Vice President of IT at Houston Methodist Michelle Stansbury told Becker’s Hospital Review.