13 Things That Will Be Obsolete Soon

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8. Calculators


Calculators will soon become a thing of the past. Not because we will have memorized every kind of math problem known to man, but because we can easily find calculators on the devices we carry with us every day.

This includes our smartphones and tablets. Not only that, but you can even ask Siri or Alexa to solve a math problem for you! As you can see, there’s really no need to continue carrying a separate physical calculator around with you anymore.

7. Alarm Clocks

Alarm clock

It’s safe to assume most of you don’t remember the last time you used an alarm clock. Who even needs them anymore? We can set alarms on our smartphones and smartwatches now.

What’s more is that we can set multiple alarms, each with its own ringtone or other alarm sounds. And, we can easily carry our phones and watches with us if we need alarms/reminders set throughout the day.

FUN FACT: By 2011, 60% of youngsters were using their phones in place of alarm clocks.