13 Useful Tips All Swiffer Owners Should Know

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4. Swiffer, the Bug Squasher

Bug Inside Swiffer

Because of the long arm and flat head of the Swiffer, those unwanted bugs found in your ceiling or on your walls are in big trouble!

Many people fume with fear when they spot a long-legged spider in their home. Luckily, the Swiffer allows you to smush the creepy crawlers without getting too close.

3. Out of Swiffer Pads?


We’re constantly running out of household items, especially during the pandemic. Swiffer pads are no exception. Not to worry, though, the perfect alternative is right there, in your home!

It can be hard to keep track of socks. We all have those lonesome socks that never get used. Now you can find a use for them– let your Swiffer wear them as a Swiffer pad alternative for dusting!