13 Useful Tips All Swiffer Owners Should Know

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Everyone has a favorite cleaning aid; they make our lives so much easier! Swiffer products are some of the many handy products that help us reach those tough to clean places in the home.

Although the Swiffer is added to many cleaning lists as a must-have, cleaning experts warn that Swiffer is not compatible with some surfaces.

There are also some hacks all Swiffer owners should know. Continue reading to learn helpful tips about America’s favorite cleaning aid.

13. Marble Surfaces 


Marble surfaces are delicate and have a pH of six to eight, meaning that they are neutral in nature. That is, neither acidic nor alkaline. However, Swiffer Wet Jet has a pH of 10 and is alkaline in nature, meaning it is not suitable to use on a marble surface. One product you can use instead is the Weiman Laminate and Stone Floor Cleaner for Marbles.

12. Your Wooden Decks

wooden decks

Hide your Swiffer from wooden decks! While Swiffer is super on your tile, a wooden deck will eat away your Swiffer stripper pads. Wood is harsh and tough, and the pads are relatively thin.

Your regular mop and a gentle cleaner will do the job. Swiffer is not appropriate for waxed, oil or unfinished surfaces and will destroy your Swiffer pads while leaving the floor a mess.

11. Laminated Floors

Laminated Floor

This is another alkaline-related issue again with the pads. Your laminate floor, like the marble, needs a neutral cleaner. The Swiffer pads also will not clean this type of floor well. They will only move the dirt around and leave streaks. The best thing to use is a bit of Dawn dish soap and warm water.

10. Vinyl Flooring


Don’t even waste your time using Swiffer on Vinyl. These materials need a regular mop to be effectively cleaned.

It takes way more effort to use Swiffer and slows you down. Your floor often ends up dirtier than before and full of streaks because the solvent dries so quickly.

According to an article published by Readers Digest, Dean Davies, cleaning and maintenance supervisor for U.K. home service company, says “it takes a lot more effort to scrub tough spots, and it won’t be as effective as the regular mop.”

Davies recommends using an E-Cloth mop or a commercial-grade microfiber mop.

9. Swiffer and Carpets


Carpets and mats tend to collect and store harmful bacteria. They need to be cleaned appropriately to be fresh. A Swiffer pad will not accomplish this cleaning task effectively.

Instead, vacuum your carpet several times a week. If you have young children, you may have to vacuum every day. You can also get a professional to steam and deep clean once per year–along with a no-shoes policy!

8. Floor Corners

Wood Floors Swiffer

The Swiffer is excellent to use for floors and tiles, but it does not do a great job dealing with corners. Corners are likely to have more dirt and dust hiding than anywhere else. You will have to pair your Swiffer with a microfiber mop.

Sometimes you will have to use a cloth to remove stubborn dirt from a corner. However, using the Swiffer is better and easier than using a cleaning cloth to do the whole floor!

7. Reusable Pads

Swiffer Pads Reusable

Since we all want to reduce waste, it is prudent to have reusable pads in hand. Using a new Swiffer pad every time you need it might not be the ideal situation.

Thankfully, Swiffer compatible reusable microfiber pads are available. These are quite cheap and can be used dry or wet, and are machine washable.

6. Painting Prep and Swiffer

Wall Swiffer Paint

Preparing a surface for panting is not an easy task. You must ensure that the wall is clean, so the paint sticks properly. That is where your Swiffer comes in.

It makes your job so much easier than doing it by hand. Simply attach a dry pad and remove dirt and dust in long, sweeping strokes.

5. More Than Once Dry Pad

Swiffer Dry Pad

Did you know you can use your dry pad several times? Yep! We’re all about reusing these days. You can remove whatever debris is pulled up by the Swiffer’s electrostatic charge. This will allow you to reuse the pad next time. You can also turn it inside out for more use.

4. Swiffer, the Bug Squasher

Bug Inside Swiffer

Because of the long arm and flat head of the Swiffer, those unwanted bugs found in your ceiling or on your walls are in big trouble!

Many people fume with fear when they spot a long-legged spider in their home. Luckily, the Swiffer allows you to smush the creepy crawlers without getting too close.

3. Out of Swiffer Pads?


We’re constantly running out of household items, especially during the pandemic. Swiffer pads are no exception. Not to worry, though, the perfect alternative is right there, in your home!

It can be hard to keep track of socks. We all have those lonesome socks that never get used. Now you can find a use for them– let your Swiffer wear them as a Swiffer pad alternative for dusting!

 2. Swiffer Can Clear Dryer Lint


You can use a Swiffer sheet to remove lint from your dryer. This prevents lint from getting into your dryer duct, and cleaning the dryer duct is one vital way of preventing house fires.

1. Spruce-Up Plants

Plants Swiffer

You use a Swiffer pad to spruce up your shelves and other areas, so why not use them to make your fake indoor plants look good as new?

Many people wash-down their plants occasionally to remove dust, but the Swiffer is even more effective at doing the job. Try it out and see just how shiny your indoor greenery can be!