14 Clever Hand Sanitizers Uses You Probably Didn’t Know

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hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizers came into stark focus in 2020 due to the coronavirus. It’s still imperative to sanitize your hands regularly because contaminated hands are one of the most common mediums of transmitting any virus.

With the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) recommendations to sanitize, wear a mask and social distance, sanitizers keep flying off the shelves.

Not only are they being used for killing germs, but people are finding other worth-while uses for them. You probably didn’t know the germ eradicator could do the following 14 things.

14. Shine Your Silver


Who knew that hand sanitizers were so strong? With the 60% alcohol content, it cuts right through the grime and tarnishes on your silver, jewelry or cutlery. Put a few drops on a piece of a soft cloth and rub away!

13. Does a Fine Job On Eye Glasses

glasses clean shine

Instead of paying almost $20 for those fancy cleaners for your glasses, use the versatile hand sanitizer you have lying around the house! You’ll find that not one smudge or fingerprint will remain—for a clearer, brighter vision.