14 Gross Things Hotels are Doing To Save Money

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Taking a vacation isn’t what it used to be. You have to ask yourself: how hygienic is this hotel? Long before COVID-19, studies showed that 81% of hotel surfaces contained fecal matter.

We are still in a pandemic, so it’s expected that sanitization protocols are taken much more seriously. However, you’ll be surprised to know that some hotels are deceiving when it comes to cleanliness.

Hotels, like any other business, are in it to make money. With drastic losses due to the pandemic, many hotels are cutting corners and doing a sub-par job providing the services you pay for.

Continue reading to learn some of the gross things hotels are still doing to save money.

14. They Don’t Clean the Sheets Between Guests

dirty sheets

This was an issue even before COVID-19, but now it’s completely inhumane. If spots or stains are visible, then those sheets are not cleaned regularly.

Producers of the Inside Edition booked nine hotel rooms for a night, and the next night, they booked the same rooms under a new name.

They found that three of the nine hotels did not bother to change the sheets. Even if changing the sheets is a hotel policy, employees may not adhere to that policy.

Maids should clean the sheets after every use. Who knows what is on those sheets, especially in this COVID-19 era. Your best bet is to ask them to change the sheets right when you check-in!

13. COVID-19 Guests May Stay There

hotel sick people

Depending on the hotel you’re at, there could be guests who are positive for COVID-19 lurking around the hallways. Many hotels are not requiring a negative test or temperature check for them to accommodate you. So, it is possible for sneaky sick people to book a room.