14 Gross Things Hotels are Doing To Save Money

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12. Poorly Cleaned Drinking Glasses

hotel glasses dirty

Hotel maids are not closely supervised. So, when it comes to cleaning the drinking glasses in your room, they could very likely be wiping them down rather than washing them with soap and water.

ABC ran an undercover investigation in 2009, and revelations show that 75% of the glasses were only wiped or rinsed instead of getting proper sanitization.

Other investigations carried out at various hotels found that housekeepers wash glasses with dirty cloths and spray them with stuff for external use only. Some hotels, however, have replaced their glasses with disposable ones.

11. They Don’t Change Their Mattresses Often


Typically, high-end hotels change their mattress every five years, while smaller hotels change them every 10 years. Now that they are experiencing losses due to the pandemic, do you think they’re changing now? Probably not. Since it’s too expensive to throw out a mattress every time something goes wrong, many hotels hide those problems as best they can.