14 Gross Things Hotels are Doing To Save Money

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2. Skipping Cleaning Day

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Some hotels are skipping cleaning days! Previously, guests got a $5 credit if they opt not to get their room cleaned. Now, most hotels are not cleaning your room unless you are staying over three nights. Hoteliers decided it’s not safe nor necessary. In the meantime, you are not getting your room wiped down and sanitized enough as it should be during a pandemic.

1. They Choose Colorful Carpets on Purpose

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Colorful carpets hide stains, so any stains you can envision are likely embedded in that lush carpet but not visible to the eye. These carpets are many times a work of art, so they can be quite deceiving to guests.

To stay or not to stay…

Staying at a hotel these days is causing some concern, but you can observe the protocols laid out to safeguard yourself. You can’t control what other people do, but you can control your actions with knowledge!

Travel experts say they still have some hotels that they trust to do things right, according to Readers Digest.