15 Alternative Uses for Dryer Sheets

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dryer sheets

Dryer sheets are quite a simple product.  They are made of polyester, fabric softener, and fragrance. They keep clothes static-free, soft, and smelling great. You might be surprised to find out that there are many other uses for these household staples that don’t involve laundry!

15. Shoe Deodorizer


Nobody wants to pull out their favorite shoes to discover they’re less than fresh. After wearing, pop a dryer sheet into each shoe and the next time you go to put them on you’ll find that the dryer sheets have absorbed the offending odors.

14. Burnt on Food Messes


Before you decide that your latest culinary misstep has ruined your favorite pan beyond repair, soak the burned pan overnight with a dryer sheet and some water. In the morning, you’ll be able to give it a good scrub and the pan will be back in working condition in no time.

13. Clean baseboards


Baseboards need a good cleaning? Rubbing your baseboards with dryer sheets will remove dust and grime quickly. They will also help to prevent dust from accumulating in the future.

12. Clean the Bottom of an Iron


Have you ever gone to iron your favorite shirt and your iron is a burnt mess? Set your iron to low heat and “iron” a dryer sheet to clean up burns and calcification that can occur over time.

11. Shower Door Cleaner


Rub down glass shower doors with a damp dryer sheet to eliminate soap scum and residue buildup.

10. Gym Bag Freshener

gym bag

Gym bags are a haven for smells and odors caused by sweaty gym clothes and shoes. Place a dryer sheet in your gym bag to keep it smelling fresh. Replace as needed.

9. Pet Hair Remover

dog on couch

Run a dryer sheet over places where pet hair typically accumulates. This trick can be used on clothes, rugs and furniture. You can even give your pet a quick wipe down to trap loose hairs.

8. Book Deodorizer


Books can easily start to smell musty over time due to moisture in the air. To keep your favorites smelling great, store them with a dryer sheet in between a couple of the pages.

7. Eliminate Static Cling


Rub a dryer sheet over clothing to reduce static cling quickly.

6. Thread De-tangler

needle and thread

Run a threaded needle through a dryer sheet to keep the thread from tangling while sewing by hand.

5. Duster


Dryer sheets pick up dust easily, so they are great for dusting things like electronics, window blinds, and ceiling fans.

4. Cleaning Up Dry Messes

Spilled flour

Use dryer sheets in place of tack cloth for cleaning up sawdust from woodworking projects. You can even clean up dry ingredient spills, such as flour, in the kitchen.

3. Remove Deodorant Stains

Deodorant stain

Rub deodorant stains with a fresh dryer sheet to quickly get rid of those pesky marks.

2. Dry Mop Alternative


Run out of dry dusting mop pads? Wrap a couple dryer sheets around your dry mop sweeper and run them over floors to pick up dust, dirt, and pet hair in a pinch.

1. Scissor Sharpener


If you find that your scissors aren’t cutting as well as they should, run a used dryer sheet over the blades and you’ll be snipping sharp once again.

It is amazing how one of the most common laundry products can accomplish such a wide variety of tasks. What other single product can be used to clean baseboards, burnt pans, and irons? Be sure to try these out in your home and you’ll be feeling clean and fresh in no time.