15 Amazing Facts About the Women of NASA

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Like many other professions, the National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA) has seen women pioneers making their mark and defying the odds.

The adage, this is a man’s world stood for a long time, even at NASA. But educated, resilient women have made their mark. Women have changed the face of NASA with their extraordinary contributions.

Here are some facts you might not have known about the game-changing women of NASA.

15. Diana Trujillo: Came To America With $300

Diana Trujillo

The Perseverance mission at NASA saw this incredible woman being the flight director for the Mars 2020 mission. She was born and raised in Colombia and moved to the US at age 17. She had $300 and spoke zero English.

Diana worked as a domestic worker to support herself as she learned English. At the same time, she was studying aerospace engineering and space science at college. She then became the first Latino to receive admission to the NASA Academy. She also hosted NASA’s planetary Spanish language broadcast landing.

14. Christina Koch: Longest Single Space Flight for a Female

Christina Koch

The first-ever all-female spacewalk was done in October 2019 by Christina and her best friend, Jessica Meir. Two months after, Christina was at it again.

She set the NASA record in that December by accomplishing the longest single space flight by any woman. She stayed until February of the next year, bringing her total to 328 days.