15 Kitchen Mistakes That are Costing You Money

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According to Nielsen data, more than 50% of Americans are cooking at home more now than they did before the coronavirus pandemic. Cooking is always a healthy alternative to eating out because you know exactly what is going into your meal.

Some of the benefits of cooking at home are saving money and enjoying family time. However, there are more money-saving opportunities than you think when it comes to your kitchen.

Continue reading to find out which kitchen mistakes are costing you money.

15. Food Delivery

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It’s easy, satisfying and relaxing to order out and forget about that nice kitchen you have. But guess what? An analysis done by Forbes in 2018 found that eating out costs about five times as much for the same meal if cooked at home, excluding the tips given.

Also, meal kit services are three times as expensive as shopping and cooking for yourself. You can learn simple ways to save money and prepare a wholesome meal by buying The Healthy Meal Cook Book with over 1000 reviews on Amazon.