15 Last-Minute Summer Vacation Ideas That Don’t Require Air Travel

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6. Consider Cabins


For your summer vacation, you don’t have to go to a hotel to have fun. Once you have a cabin up in the woods, you can enjoy your vacation with significantly fewer persons.

5. Spend a Night at a New Place

new place, rent

You don’t have to travel far for it to be considered a vacation. Try renting an Airbnb for a night or two located in a cool spot close to home. It’s always nice to have a change of scenery.

If you want to try out living a lavish lifestyle, you can even rent a mansion. Why not check off some bucket list items this summer!

4. Pool Vacation


Stay at a hotel close to home that has a nice pool you can lounge by. If you have kids, they will love this idea because there are endless amounts of activities that come with playing in a pool.

However, for those who need a break from kids, drop them off at your parent’s house and enjoy a few relaxing days all to yourself. You deserve it!