15 Last-Minute Summer Vacation Ideas That Don’t Require Air Travel

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3. Visit Loved Ones

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When was the last time you had a family reunion? Take a road trip to visit your family and friends that live in the same country, especially if the pandemic has kept you apart.

2. Rent a Boat

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Renting a boat is a fantastic option for you and your family this summer. You can pretend you own the boat without paying the high price.

Once you’re on the boat there are plenty of activities to choose from — whether it be fishing, intertubing, wake boarding, etc. And don’t forget to bring food, drinks and games for entertainment purposes.

1. Swap Houses With a Friend

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If your have friends or family members who live in a place you consider a vacation and they consider where you live a vacation, bring up the idea of house-swapping.

You can take your family to their home and they take their family to yours. It’s a win-win! You’ll both be saving so much money and consider it a summer vacation.