15 Self-Improvement Books You Should Read

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12. Eat That Frog! By Brian Tracy

Eat That Frog
Source: Liz Gooster

Yes, the name is funny! But what a swinging punch! It hits you right on your procrastinating derriere. The author charges us to “Eat that Frog.” Which instructs us to prioritize–break large tasks into smaller ones and learn when to do the larger tasks or do something else. As long as you don’t dawdle!

11. Think & Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill

Think And Grow Rich
Source: Heather Parady

This original masterpiece from 1937 is all about growing you! Make sure not to get the abridged version, which omits relevant information relating to the book’s topic and aim. It’s about the richness of your thoughts.

“Riches can’t always be measured by money!” Although it teaches how to make money!